Parents in Lemon Grove say school board member is ‘bailing’ on students

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LEMON GROVE, Calif. — A handful of parents spoke out during Tuesday night’s Lemon Grove School District meeting accusing Board Member Katie Dexter of wanting to resign just nine months after getting re-elected.

Parents like Liana LeBaron are accusing Dexter of “bailing ” on the district especially after playing a key role in several controversial moves in recent months, including the forced resignation of 16 teachers and voting to give herself a pay raise.

“I would definitely say Katie Dexter misled us,” said LeBaron. “She knew she was going to move out of state and she still chose to rerun in 2018 seeing there were other people totally committed to representing the children of the Lemon Grove School District.”

Dexter has not made any public announcement or given any indication she is planning on stepping away, but at the board meeting, she did not deny what LeBaron and others are saying.

Late Tuesday night, Dexter replied to an email stating “I have not yet formally announced my retirement date, I can tell you  however that it’s not August 30th as stated by Ms. LeBaron during public comment.”

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