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SAN DIEGO – The position of ballpark announcer for the San Diego Padres has been officially filled.

During the seventh inning stretch Saturday against the San Francisco Giants, Alex Miniask was in the Padres announcing booth at Petco Park when he officially announced that he won the job.

Miniak has been working as a public address announcer for a Double A team in New Hampshire.

The Padres held an open casting call in January that drew more than 800 people.  This week, three finalists, marine biologist Sam Chin of San Diego, Todd Leitz of Los Angeles, a former news reporter at KNX and Miniak, each announced a full game at the ballpark.

“Great guys, great voices — there was something different about how Alex delivered the script. It was a tough, tough decision,” said Padres Chief Marketing Officer Wayne Partello. “Alex has the iconic voice that we were looking for and we’re excited to welcome him into the Padres family.”

During Saturday’s game, in which the Padres beat the Giants 3-1, each finalist announced two innings.  Miniak announced the rest of the game after he officially won the job.

Padres Announcer
Alex Miniak

“I’ve always wanted to do what I do at the highest level and to finally achieve that here with the San Diego Padres is truly amazing. I’m in shock,” said Miniak.

Miniak will replace longtime announcer Frank Anthony.

Team officials said Miniak plans to relocate to San Diego. He had been employed as a senior account executive at Gigunda Group, a New Hampshire marketing and strategy agency, in addition to his gig with the Double A team in New Hampshire.

“We want to thank everyone who tried out for sharing their time and enthusiasm with us over the past few months,” team President and CEO Mike Dee said. “Our intent for this process was to offer a true open casting call, with the possibility of discovering talent in even the least expected of places. In finding Alex, we accomplished that goal.”