SAN DIEGO — A sea of Padres fans congregated at Alesmith Brewing Company in Miramar with beer in hand, rooting on their team in the National League Division Series Game 1 against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Despite Tuesday’s loss, there was a ton of energy in and outside as fans clung to their seats watching the Padres put up a fight. Moments of silence and dead-locked concentration transitioned to cheering and high-fives throughout the game.

“We were the underdogs with the Mets and look what happened. We turned it around and we won. We have great players and we’ve been supporting our team the whole entire year,” said Gigi Hokftad, a Padres fan since she was eight years old.

Fans like Hokftad stuck out all nine innings at Alesmith Brewing Company where taps were running and business was brewing.

“This is awesome, to be able to be the unofficial place to come watch the game. We’re just celebrating San Diego and the San Diego Padres,” said Brandon Richards, president of Alesmith Brewing Company.

The lead up to Tuesday’s game left one fan sleepless in San Diego, up all night with anticipation. “I didn’t sleep at all last night. This is something in San Diego sports in general. We’ve been thriving for something to happen for us,” said Chris Caywood, a lifelong Padres fan.

Although it wasn’t the outcome intended, fans say it’s too early to lose their Friar faith.

“We got the Dodgers tomorrow, I’m feeling good about that. Really wanted tonight. Really wanted this win tonight. But it’s all good, we’ve got Game 2, and we’re going to be back at home Friday, so excited for that,” fan Adonnis Relieve said.