Denny’s denied liquor license in PB

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SAN DIEGO – Some Pacific Beach residents considered themselves victors Thursday after the Denny’s restaurant on Garnet Avenue was denied a liquor license.

Denny’s shotThe owners of the Denny’s applied for a liquor license, but it was turned down by Alcohol Beverage Control.

Twenty-four businesses in the immediate area already have liquor licenses.

A coalition of residents lobbied to keep the license from being granted. They fear Denny’s would follow a pattern of family-style restaurants that morphed into bars the minute they got permission to serve alcohol.

“It happens over and over in P.B. where you have family-style restaurants bought out by new owners, change business model and turn them into bars,” said Marcie Beckett, Pacific Beach resident.

Beckett said they are talking to the city council about making it harder for restaurants to turn into bars and/or night clubs, which she says, breed crime in the area.

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