Over 7,000 flights canceled ahead of Hurricane Sandy

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SAN DIEGO – Travelers heading to the Northeast changed their flights Sunday as Hurricane Sandy gets ready to make landfall.

Airlines have canceled more than 7,400 flights as Hurricane Sandy nears major airports along the East Coast.

About 1,200 flights were scratched for Sunday and more than 5,500 were canceled for Monday as airlines scrambled to prepare for a potentially severe storm. An additional 640 flights were dropped for Tuesday, according to FlightAware.com, an airline information service.

Many of the cancellations involved flights coming or going to New York area airports, such as Newark Liberty International, LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy.

Amy Fowler was in San Diego Sunday for work and was scheduled to fly back home to New Jersey Monday – right in the eye of the storm.

“They already cancelled my flight for tomorrow. So, now I’ve booked to Wednesday and I hope planes are available on Wednesday,” Fowler said.

The major airlines cancelled all flights at their busiest hubs on the East Coast Sunday.  Thousands of flights are expected to be impacted, either cancelled or delayed due to the storm and its’ aftermath. Heading the warnings or just nervous to get home, those forced to travel had to either leave early or wait it out.

“It’s going to be cutting it real tight getting in there tonight,” said Philadelphia resident Eric Crawford. He cut his trip short, trying to beat the storm. “I’m very worried right now, I’m trying to get home to make sure my house and my family is okay.”

Scott Laprath runs a hotel transportation company.  He’s already feeling the effects of Sandy – in his pocketbook, every delay hits his bottom line.

“United just told us that they are starting to shut down.  So as the day goes on we’re going to see more and more delays,” he said. “Hopefully, my group will get in before that happens but right now we have one that is an hour and half delayed and possibly two hours.”

Only time will tell just how bad the wrath of Hurricane Sandy will be, but if the predictions are realized, hundreds of thousands could be stranded across the country, a small burden compared to those living right in her path.

Travelers with flights out of San Diego’s International Airport are able to check the status of their flights online.

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