Burglars poison family’s dog

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SAN DIEGO --  Thieves  ransacked a home in Otay Mesa, but the lost possessions are not what the family is most upset about. The robbers also poisoned and killed the family dog.

“You know it hurts like you lost your loved one…” Said Manny Castillo.

Manny castillo says he and his family are devastated after one of their two dogs “Blu” died suddenly Saturday.

The vet confirmed to FOX 5 that the dog was deliberately poisoned.

“They called me and told me hey, we found a huge amount of rat bait, poison inside him.” Said Castillo.

On Friday night, the Castillo family returned from a family friend’s and found their home had been burglarized. Christmas gifts from under the tree, other household items, electronics and tools from his shed, and tools in his work truck stolen.

“I started checking everything and noticed that a bunch of my tools were missing out of the car, and then when I went out on the side, I had noticed there was stuff dropped on the bottom of the floor.” Said Castillo.

But it wasn’t until a few hours later that they also noticed their male dog Blu acting strangely.

And I started hearing like crying, like he was suffering like something was hurting him bad and it wasn’t like a cry, cry it was like a torture cry.” Said Castillo. “I grabbed him and I was holding him, like this and he like died in my hands.”

A police report has been filed. San Diego police say at this time of year thieves are desperate and will do anything even kill a family pet to get what they want. The Castillos say they would’ve gladly given the stuff that was stolen to still have their dog.

“You can have whatever you want, I mean it’s not going to replace my dog. My dog is never going to come back again and stuff and you know what all for what a DVD player, tools. Stuff that they took it’s like.” Said Castillo.

The Castillos are now keeping their female dog indoors. If you have any info on this case you’re asked to call the San Diego police.

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