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SAN DIEGO — Professional golfer and longtime Rancho Santa Fe resident Phil Mickelson acknowledged Thursday that his family had used the college admission tutoring service now embroiled in the “Operation Varsity Blues” scandal, but insisted they did not participate in any fraud.

“We’re not a part of this,” Mickelson told ESPN. “Most every family that hired his company was not a part of it. I think that’s why we’re all so surprised … (My kids’) grades and outside activities and worldly beliefs are things that have colleges recruiting them. (Singer and his company) helped us through the whole process because it can be confusing.”

Prosecutors allege the massive college admissions scheme, dubbed “Operation Varsity Blues,” involved two primary forms of bribery: fraudulent SAT and ACT test-taking, and phony athletic profiles which, paired with bribes paid to coaches, helped earn students admission as sports recruits.