Gunman opens fire at Hillcrest restaurant; no injuries reported

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SAN DIEGO — A man armed with an assault rifle-caliber weapon fired multiple rounds at a Hillcrest restaurant Tuesday night, police said, but no one was wounded.

The shooting happened around 7:40 p.m. outside Asian Bistro in the 400 block of University Avenue, according to San Diego police.

Shortly after, police detained and later arrested a man matching the gunman’s description. Officers recovered the weapon and at least 19 shell casings, along with discarded clothing.

“The business was the only thing that was hit,” Lt. Andra Brown said. “There were no people inside that were hit. We have about 19 casings of a 5.56 caliber, which is an assault rifle-caliber weapon.”

Michael Hurtado told FOX 5 he was tucking his two little girls into bed when they heard a rattle of gunfire.

“I heard rapid succession of what had sounded like long-rifle shots,” Hurtado said. “Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam! About seven to 10. It was enough to where my girls jumped up and started screaming and I yelled at them, ‘get in the bathroom as fast as you can, just get in the bathroom.'”

Hurtado said he called 911 and went downstairs, where he ran into someone who said he saw what happened.

“He said there was a guy on the north side of University who was wearing a hoodie and as he was firing, he was crossing University and he was firing towards Fig Tree and the Asian Bistro and then ran down our alley. So he had the gun up … and was firing as he was running,” Hurtado said. “God knows what would have happened if any of those rounds would have gone into my apartment and hit one of my kids. I would have been devastated.”

At least one person may have been hit by shattered glass, police said.

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