OCEANSIDE, Calif. — The Oceanside Police Department will soon have cameras in its patrol vehicles.

Congressman Mike Levin (D-49th District) announced recently that he secured $587,000 in federal funding for the new cameras.

“We can support law enforcement and improve policing at the same time,” said Levin during a news conference outside the police station.

Oceanside Police Chief Fred Armijo says the cameras will help with service calls, crime investigations and add another level of transparency.

“We’re trying to create more windows of opportunity for people to see into the organization. There’s also things such as training — we’ll be able to see things that have taken place for real — critique them and work on how we can do it better next time,” said Armijo.

Up to 70 patrol vehicles will have cameras installed – one in the front as a dash cam – the other in the back showing anyone in the back seat.

Police say the vehicle cameras will enhance their existing body-cam system.

“When we transitioned to body-worn cameras, there was a lot of apprehension at first. But today, officers will not go out in the field unless they’re body-worn camera is operational and on their person. So I think we’re gonna see the same when it comes these systems,” said Armijo.

Armijo says with law enforcement under scrutiny and heightened concerns over misconduct, the cameras will provide an added layer of protection for police and the public.

“It does provide another set of eyes that can provide clarity and context to situations that may otherwise not be there,” said Armijo.

It could take a few months before the cameras are available for OPD.