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SAN DIEGO — The heated debate over short-term vacation rentals has spread to Ocean Beach.

At a monthly town hall meeting Wednesday night, residents sounded off and pushed for legislation they hope will effectively limit the number of vacation rental units allowed in the neighborhood.

Many feel the vacation rentals pose a threat to their quality of life and the neighborhood’s character and are demanding a change.

“It degrades our neighborhood vibe. We’ve always been a community-driven place and an influx of tourists, yes it helps our economy but at the same time it’s degrading those community ties,” said Nicole Ueno.

The community has the highest percentage of renters to homeowners in the region with 85 percent of residents renting. Neighbors say they’re being driven out of their own neighborhood by developers who buy out the property or homeowners who decide they can make more by renting out by the night.

“They’re basically running a hotel and it should be regulated as such,” Ueno said.

Some attendees said the change they want is not aimed at local residents who want to make a little extra cash renting out a spare room here and there but rather towards the home buyer or developer who has no intention of living in their home.

The same town council took the issue up with Mayor Faulconer last year but no changes were made. They’re hoping that with more opinions on the record, that could change.