Occupy movements are still alive

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SAN DIEGO – Two dozen protestors stood in front of a large blue sign Tuesday memorializing the “Occupy San Diego” movement of 2011.

The leaderless tent city that once demanded accountability from Wall Street lasted months. Police arrested dozens of protestors refusing to leave the city hall open space area.

After weeks of intense police standoffs protestors simply started to stay home.

On Tuesday, activists said the movement is still alive. The economic fight for justice is still a powerful message.

“The fact that we still share the rage gives us momentum and power to do what we know we can do,” said Christina Imhoff of the Occupy Women Movement.

But has the movement made change?

The US Census Bureau released a report stating the median household income has not risen since 1986 – which was $51,017 last year.

The income gap between high- and low-income households did not widen last year, officials said, but a key measure of inequality remained at the highest level on record.

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