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SAN DIEGO — The Ocean Beach Town Council is hoping people comply with its wishes not to participate in the traditional marshmallow war.

marshmallow war picLast year, the event “got out of hand” and some people were injured.

There were reports of some participants freezing the marshmallows, setting them on fire and shooting them like projectiles from guns and/or sling shots.

The council members also expressed that none of the participants hang around to clean up the mess.

Last year, 2,000 pounds of trash was left behind by revelers who threw the marshmallows. The sticky goo ended up on sidewalks and unfortunately, the Veteran’s Memorial plaques.

“What happened last year was really a shame, to have that much trash on the beach, streets and sidewalks, that sticky stuff all over… 11 months later there are still remnants, a lot of people are fed up and just don’t want it anymore,” said Dave Cieslak, member of the Ocean Beach Town Council.

The council is recruiting volunteers to spread the word and to remind people on the Fourth of July to not throw marshmallows at one another. Stores in the area have also promised not to sell marshmallows in the days leading up to the holiday.