O.C. man finds 2 dead geckos in Heineken beer: lawsuit

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FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. – An Orange County man who claimed he found two dead geckos in a beer purchased at a Ralphs supermarket is filing a lawsuit, the Los Angeles Times reported. A lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court Friday alleged George Toubbeh suffered severe abdominal pain in August 2015 after drinking from a 24-ounce Heineken, according to LA Times. He purchased the beer from the Ralphs store in Fountain Valley. While drinking the beer, Toubbeh noticed a foul taste and immediately vomited, according to the report. The man’s daughter looked inside the beer and found two decomposed juvenile leopard geckos inside, the lawsuit stated. The lawsuit is filed against Heineken and Krogers Co., which owns the Ralphs chain. Read more at Los Angeles Times.

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