North Park residents concerned over illegal gas line

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SAN DIEGO – Some families in North Park are concerned after the discovery of an illegal gas line.

1 meter“It could have blown up my house,” said one resident in North Park, adding, “or the houses around us.”

Here’s what happened, the SDG&E had already been called due to a gas leak and had turned off the line.

“They said that was illegal and also very dangerous,” said the same resident, “because the gas was pumping directly to the broken house line.”

“By-passing the meter is against law,” said Amber Albrecht, a spokesperson for San Diego Gas and Electric.

SDG&E put a clamp on the meter, which effectively shuts off the gas, after finding the leak was coming from a corroded pipe.

Once SDG&E is involved, it’s up to the owner or in this case the management company to fix the pipe, get an inspection and only then will the gas be turned back on.  However, according to residents, the gas was flowing the next day but not through the meter and it was still leaking.

When SDG&E was called out a second time they found someone had attached makeshift pipe going all the way into the main gas line. SDG&E won’t comment on individual cases but the severity of the danger depends on a lot of factors, all of which they take into account when assessing criminal charges.

“It’s really a case by case basis,” explained Albrecht, for example, “how they are doing, what material they are using and what the pressure is of that line.”

As of Friday, the gas remains off, plumbers, presumably, working to bring the pipes up to code.   FOX 5 5 visited Advantage Team Management in La Jolla, the property management company that’s overseeing the work but they declined to comment.

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