North County mom pleads for return of poems swiped from car

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. — During one of the hardest weeks of her life, some very sentimental things were stolen from a North County mom — and now she is begging to get them back.

This week, Lindsey Garcia lost one of the most important people in her life, her grandfather who helped raise her.  

“I really haven’t let it hit me yet,” Garcia told FOX 5 Wednesday. 

Already dealing with a major loss, Garcia is now facing another setback. As she was grieving with family at her grandparents’ home off North Broadway in Escondido, someone broke into her car and stole her briefcase.

“My grandmother’s iPad was in there because it was cracked and I was going to get it fixed, and then I had another iPad in there as well that belonged to my son — his iPad air. My son’s iPhone 5C was in there. My daughters ‘Beats by Dre’ were in there,” Garcia said. 

Garcia said the briefcase also held her kids’ birth certificates, social security cards and a laptop her late grandfather gave to her. However, perhaps what she is most upset about losing are poetry books filled with her personal words.

“I’ve been writing since I was eight and I didn’t really have a really good childhood so I turned to writing,” Garcia said. “Those poems — I wrote them in some of my darkest times. Some of my happiest times. You know, like when I got married. Before I got married I wrote a poem. Before my kids, I wrote a poem. You know, I like to read them. I like to feel how I felt then.”

Surprisingly, she said an officer found one of the books in a bush along with a picture of her son and RV registration papers. She said she is happy about that, but is still sad that two of the most meaningful books are still out there — including one with a poem she just wrote after her grandfather’s passing.

“Years lost, they flew right on by. Now you’ve gained your wings and laugh with your grandmother in the sky. Unspoken feelings now bring me to tears. As I speak out loudly, I wonder if you hear,” Garcia recited. 

Words that she hopes end up in the right hands so they can return to hers.

“I can’t replace that.  I can’t replace my grandpa and I can’t replace the poetry either. My grandpa admired what I did. My writing,” Garcia said. 

Garcia said she is offering a $1,000 dollar reward for the return of her poetry books.

Escondido Police are investigating and told FOX 5 no arrests have been made at this time.

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