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SAN DIEGO–  Christ United Methodist Church in Normal Heights is where dozens of families from around the world call home as they seek asylum.

“Most of them were brought to us by immigration and customers enforcement,” said Pastor Bill Jenkins with Church United Methodist Church.

Jenkins says he gets daily calls from immigration officials asking for help, but he has yet to receive calls about children at the border.

“As a minister, I want to name it as evil. It’s not just sin, it is downright evil to rip babies out of their mother’s arms,” said Jenkins.

He’s concerned that the children who have been separated from their families may not be given a chance to reunite with their parents.

“The children have been taken into custody in the U.S. and there’s no way to map back to them,” added Jenkins.

Jenkins is doing what he can to help. He even became a foster father after a little boy from Haiti stole his heart.

“If there’s any reward for doing what we’ve done for my wife and I, it is the fact that God has allowed him to be a part of our family,” he said.