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SAN DIEGO – No building permits were approved for the construction done to the building that housed an indoor gym where 21 children and two adults were injured when a platform collapsed.

Several days after the city of San Diego inspectors went into the building, their report was released with numerous violations.

The violations included unpermitted change of occupancy, lack of emergency exits, lack of structural supports, inoperable fire sprinkler system and more. The building had not been approved to be a Parkour gymnasium, paintball facility, Mixed Martial Arts facility, arcade center or Cross-Fit facility.

The structure failure was at about 7:40 p.m. Saturday, during a kids’ night at Vault PK, a Parkour training facility in Barrio Logan.

Some of the patients were above the 10-foot by 30-foot platform and some were below it. One end of the platform gave way and people fell onto each other, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department spokesman Jose Ysea said on Saturday.

Two women, ages 72 and 46, were among the first to be taken to hospitals. Twenty-one children were also taken to hospitals, Ysea said.

Injuries were “very minor to moderate. Nothing severe or critical,” he said.

There could be other children injured whose parents took them to hospitals, he said.

“It could have been so much worse,” Ysea said.

The MTS owns the building released this statement:

“Preventing this type of accident from happening again is the focus of our efforts.  The cause of the accident was not associated with the integrity of the building. Additionally, MTS’ lease with the tenant clearly requires it to obtain all city permits and to comply with all of its regulations. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

To prevent this type of accident in the future, MTS is conducting a comprehensive review of its property management practices to ensure that tenants comply with all city laws, regulations, ordinances and codes. Additionally, MTS has already taken corrective action for the violations solely associated with the MTS building. The fire suppression system has been corrected and a contractor will assess damage to a support column and fire walls. (NOTE: None of these violations were in the area in which the accident occurred and none were associated with the accident.)

MTS is also hiring third parties to investigate the cause of the accident. MTS will make a full presentation to the Board of Directors upon the completion of its internal reviews and investigations.”