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SAN DIEGO — A group of newborn grey fox pups have a new home after they were discovered at a construction site near the border last week.

The pups were found last Friday at the site in Otay Mesa and taken to the San Diego Humane Society’s Pilar & Chuck Bahde Wildlife Center. Workers at the center kept an eye on the pups, hoping to reunite them with their mother, which would be critical for their survival. On Monday, officers were able to lure the fox mother into a trap and bring her to the shelter as well.

An officer with San Diego Humane Society pulls newborn grey fox pups from a construction site in Otay Mesa.
(Photo: Victoria Schiller)

With the full fox family reunited, the animals were picked up by the Fund For Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, where workers are better equipped to care for foxes, the Humane Society said.

A couple that helped discover and rescue the pups said that humane officers believed the foxes were possibly from Mexico, saying their breed was a rare sight in San Diego. Video from the couple showed that the pups were tiny, fitting easily in the gloved hand of officers as they pulled them from their hiding place at the rock-crushing site and placing them in a blanket-lined box.

“It’s a rare rescue for our humane officers,” said Nina Thompson, a Humane Society spokesperson.

Tiny newborn fox pups sit in a cardboard crate moments after being rescued from the rocks at an Otay Mesa construction site.
(Photo: Victoria Schiller)