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SAN DIEGO — A website that went online Tuesday provides the city of San Diego’s guidelines and details about permitting for the new recreational marijuana industry.

The page — — focuses on the cultivation, testing, sales and delivery of marijuana products.

Earlier this year, the City Council voted in favor of expanding existing medical marijuana consumer cooperatives to include recreational use, following state voter approval of Proposition 64 last year. The ballot measure legalized the recreational use of marijuana statewide.

“We developed this website to explain the changes that will take effect after Jan. 1,” said Development Services Director Robert Vacchi. “It also provides details about the permit application process for those interested in starting a marijuana business. This website will help individuals understand the guidelines and rules established for this new industry.”

Beginning Nov. 16, prospective business owners can apply for a permit to grow, manufacture and/or sell recreational marijuana products to adults age 21 and older.

Information provided includes:

— final approved ordinances governing marijuana outlets and marijuana production facilities;

— text of the legislation legalizing recreational marijuana in the city of San Diego;

— general submittal instructions to apply for a conditional use permit;

— new and revised use categories and definitions for the new business categories;

— lists and maps of existing marijuana outlets;

— special operating requirements and prohibitions; and

— information bulletins.

According to the city, 15 medical marijuana dispensaries have been licensed and will be allowed to sell the drug on a retail basis when the new rules take effect.