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SAN DIEGO — Authorities are warning Venmo users of a new scam making its rounds through text message.

Dighton Police Department first shared a “Scam Alert” to their Facebook page warning of a scam that tricks users into sharing sensitive banking information through a fabricated Venmo website.

The scam reportedly sends users a text message claiming their Venmo account is going to be charged and the only way to cancel the withdrawal is to login and decline it.

Users are prompted to enter their personal information on a website that has similar graphics and colors to the real Venmo.

“Venmo also never sends users emails requesting information of this nature. Whenever someone suspects they are the target of spam or a potential scam that may be, for example, posing as Venmo, they can contact,” Venmo told FOX 5.

Venmo, owned by PayPal, allows users to pay and request money from your friends.

The Venmo website also has steps to take to add extra layers of security to user accounts.

Anyone who thinks they might have fallen victim to the scam is urged to contact their bank and notify PayPal.