New sanctuary lets visitors play with foxes

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SAN DIEGO -- A unique and interactive experience is coming to Santa Ysabel. The Judith A. Candid Center allows visitors to play with domesticated foxes.

Three red foxes are currently at the center -- Victor, a male with a red coat, Mikhail, a male with a black coat, and Maksa, a female with a white coat. The three are best friends and live together in the same enclosure.

"These foxes were part of a 60-year study in Russia to find out how dogs became domesticated," said Amy Bassett, Cofounder of the JABCECC. "They have more serotonin in their brains than average foxes so they love interacting with humans."

The center is open to the public starting the second week of October, with the hope that human interaction with candids will motivate people to conserve their environment and protect animals.

"Holding them and feeding them does not stress them out," said Bassett. "When people have a personal relationship with these foxes, they are more likely to help to protect the species."

For more information on how to visit the center, click here. 

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