‘Neuter Scooter’ owners looking for hit-and-run driver

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SAN DIEGO — The Spay-Neuter Action Project called on residents Friday to help identify the driver who hit the organization’s mobile spay-and-neuter clinic and left without providing insurance information.

The organization’s “Neuter Scooter” was providing spay and neuter services to residents in Otay Mesa Nov. 5 and 6. Between 5 p.m. Nov. 5 and 6 a.m. the next morning, someone collided with the vehicle, damaging its rear compartment door and knocking surgical supplies off its shelves, according to the organization.

“The surgery center had all of its supplies on the floor and we thought someone had broken into the bus,” clinic manager Michelle Altenhoff told FOX 5. “Everything had fallen here and the surgery table had shifted in this direction. And we noticed, ‘Okay everything’s been secure.’ So when I came out to start setting up our clinic day, I noticed I couldn’t open up the door. That’s when I noticed all the glass.”

Altenhoff then discovered the damage to the side of the bus, which hinders the organization’s ability to operate its clinics. “We are unable to open or close the outer compartment, and that interferes with our mobility,” she said.

The responsible party left a note, reading, in part, “only scratched you, ended up doing more damage to my car than yours,” while failing to provide their name or insurance information.

According to SNAP Director Dorell Sackett, the organization is now saddled with an insurance deductible it cannot afford. The organization said it already loses money by providing free spay/neuter clinics.

“Whoever did this, pray to God they have insurance and that somebody heard or saw something,” Altenhoff said.

The organization asked residents who may have information to come forward, particularly regarding the responsible driver. Residents can contact SNAP at 619-525-3047.

SNAP has also set up a crowdfunding page to help cover its deductible. The campaign has raised $160 of its $500 goal since launching Friday morning.

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