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SAN DIEGO – Local Girl Scouts are giving back to the community this Halloween by surprising homeless children with costumes.

For a month and a half, five freshmen students at Coronado High School have been collecting and organizing costumes and accessories.

On Friday, they dropped off 250 costumes for homeless students at the Monarch School in Barrio Logan to choose from. On Monday morning, students will get the chance to select the costume they’d like to wear.

“We’ve come by the Monarch School a couple times now and we’ve gotten to sit with the kids and talk to them and we’ve gotten to come into classes and see what they’re doing at the Monarch School. We think it’s really just a great school in general so we’re really glad to be able to help and help make the kids know that the community really cares about them,” one Girl Scout told FOX 5.

“Our goal is to make kids happy because Halloween has always been a big part of our lives when we were kids and so we just wanted to bring that joy to them and we felt like that was really important,” another said.