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SAN DIEGO – A San Carlos third grader was recognized Thursday for putting his skills to the test and ultimately saving his mother’s life.

“Your lifesaving efforts and your quick action to administer CPR was instrumental in saving your mother’s life,” Dimitri Meram’s teacher told him at a ceremony at Green Elementary School.

It was a day at the beach when Dimitri’s mother was trying to get her son out of the van. The door hit her in the head and shortly after, she collapsed and dropped unconscious.

She didn’t remember anything after that or that she spent five days in the hospital. When she woke up, her husband gave her the news, explaining that their son Dimitri had saved her life.

“I just gotta do CPR. I mean I learned it,” Dimitri said.

He had just learned the procedure a couple months ago thanks to a partnership with the San Diego Unified School District and the American Heart Association made possible by a $100,000 grant supported by County Supervisor Ron Roberts that helps certify teachers to train their students how to perform CPR.

“We knew that this was going to be an important project together and so thank you for your support. Thank you to the teachers for your willingness to learn and to train. This skill is so important,” said Jennifer with the American Heart Association.

“I’m incredibly proud of him,” Dimitri’s mother said. “He truly is my special angel. The second he was born, he got his little finger out of the incubator and grabbed my hand. Just a very special connection.”