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CARLSBAD, Calif. — Taya Kyle, the widow of Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL portrayed in the blockbuster hit American Sniper, helped bring out hundreds of San Diegans to raise money for local homeless vets Saturday.

Kyle said it’s an issue deeply important to her and her late husband.

“If they weren’t homeless before and they experienced all this trauma, and then they’re homeless, it tells you that there’s just something too big – too big of a mountain to climb alone,” said Kyle. “Chris felt very passionately about helping people get all the way home, not just part of the way.”

Taya spoke about helping homeless vets at the annual Solutions for Change gala at the Palomar Airport in Carlsbad.

“The number has gone up to about 2,500 homeless children and their parents,” said Solutions for Change CEO Chris Megison.

Twenty percent of homeless are veterans and many are homeless with their families, according to Megison.

“People are just getting priced out of their housing. If you made a mistake 10 years ago, you can recover. You make that mistake now….you could be living out of your car with your kids,” said Megison.

Taya has seen many of those families when she lived in San Diego for nearly 10 years.

“There’s such a large population of veterans here. Chris was stationed out of Coronado and I have a lot of love for this area and the people I met here…and people who serve. I feel a huge connection here,” said Taya.