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DALLAS (NEXSTAR) — The United States Postal Service announced a temporary price change that would take effect in mid-October and run until after Christmas.

The change would affect commercial domestic packages. Retail prices and international products wouldn’t be impacted.

The planned price increase begins on October 18 and would end December 27.

USPS says the temporary price spike is due to heightened demand from online shopping and increased expenses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The increases run anywhere from 24 cents to $1.50.

Impacted products include commercial domestic competitive packages like Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Package Service, Parcel Select, and Parcel Return Service.

The planned changes for commercial customers are outlined below:

 Product Current Planned Increase
Parcel Select Destination   Delivery Unit (DDU)Starts at $3.1924 cents
Parcel Return ServiceStarts at $3.0524 cents
Parcel Select LightweightStarts at $1.8124 cents
FCPS CommercialStarts at $2.7425 cents
Priority Mail CommercialStarts at $7.0240 cents
Parcel Select GroundStarts at $6.9240 cents
Parcel Select DSCFStarts at $4.3740 cents
Parcel Select DNDCStarts at $5.9840 cents
Priority Mail Express CommercialStarts at $22.75$1.50

The change must still be approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission.