SAN DIEGO – Immigration advocates plan to call for an immediate end to Title 42 on the day it was set to expire, Monday, May 23.

The policy will remain in place after a federal judge in Louisiana last week set a preliminary injunction, stopping the Biden administration from lifting the restriction.

“They purposely were seeking a much more conservative court, and this particular judge, a young judge, some people say unexperienced which was a Trump appointee is pushing forward some of the political lines that President Trump would want to put forward,” said Pedro Rios, Executive Director for American Friends Service Committee.

The policy, which was put in place two years ago, has allowed border officials to stop and expel migrants from entering the U.S. and seeking asylum at entry ports into the country.

“The specific consequence is that we will continue to see people that are making the difficult decision to cross through dangerous crossing routes, including through the mountain and the deserts, and increasingly even more through the ocean,” said Rios.

Rios says that if the policy was resented, it would decrease border crossings.

“Well, over 28% of those that Border Patrol apprehends are people that have attempted multiple times, meaning that they probably were expelled already because of Title 42 and attempted again,” said Rios.

The Biden Administration has appealed the decision, but experts believe it will take months before a decision is known, possibly entering the new year.

The California Welcoming Task Force will hold a press conference at the San Ysidro Port of Entry (PED WEST) on Monday, May 23, at 11 a.m.