SAN DIEGO – As millions travel this Memorial Day weekend, flight cancellations and delays are having an impact on travelers coming through San Diego.

People dealing with delays or cancellations said they are frustrated.

“By the time they actually tell you the flight is delayed, you’re already in the Uber on the way to the airport,” international traveler Andrew Cunningham said, “and then you’re there and then it’s delayed and delayed and delayed again.”

Cunningham is visiting San Diego from Calgary. He came on a West Jet Airlines flight that got delayed five hours.

“We had things booked. Now those are gone and no reimbursement,” Cunningham said.

That wasn’t the only disruption Cunningham dealt with. He planned to leave this upcoming Friday until he got an email from the airline. Cunningham said of the email he received, “and it was like, ‘oh also we’ve had to change your flight, so now you are coming back on Thursday.’”

Other international travelers, Jalen Mai and Amity Solis, also are juggling disruptions. They are on their way to the Philippines but ran into COVID restrictions. The pair said their American Airlines flight from California to their layover in Japan didn’t allow them on because they had a 16-hour overnight layover in the U.S. They said that type of layover is not allowed for entry into Japan.

“They gave us no context of what we should do. So right now we are calling our agent and wondering how are going to get to the Philippines, but as of right now we are looking at a three-day travel trip,” Mai said.

Their traveling is eating away at their special 10-day trip.

Solis said, “Our grandpa here, he is 73 years old. It’s like a family reunion. He hasn’t been back to the Philippines in such a long time, so this is just really important to us.”

Jalen Mai added, “So we are stuck here for now.”

“Unfortunately, travel disruptions are still happening because of this resurgence in travel,” said Doug Shupe, the corporate communications manager with AAA Auto Club Southern California.

AAA forecasts that three million Americans will travel this Memorial Day weekend, including 320,000 Southern Californians.

“The travel industry is working as hard as it can to make things smooth for passengers and for travelers. We just remind everybody to have patience when you’re at the airport,” Shupe said.

According to the website FlightAware, American Airlines had 62 cancellations and 539 delays on Sunday. An American Airlines spokesperson said the reason behind that was, “those are largely caused by inclement weather in Miami.”

Some tips from AAA are to look into travel insurance, consider a travel adviser and to book trips early.