LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s hard to imagine tying the knot in Las Vegas without Elvis by your side.

Earlier this week, Authentic Brands Group which runs the Elvis brand said it wanted to put an end to iconic Las Vegas wedding acts that included an Elvis impersonator.

However, Authentic Brands Group now says it is willing to work with chapels.

Ron Decar is best known as Elvis for the Viva Las Vegas Chapel, he has been acting as the “King of Rock and Roll” for 27 years and said the initial news earlier this week drew some concern.

“For me as an impersonator that would pretty much end my career,” Decar told 8 News Now. “Every couple is calling us to think that their wedding is going to be canceled because Elvis isn’t present anymore after 45 years.”

ABG now says it is willing to partner up with these chapels that use the Elvis brand.

“Hopefully, we will be able to work out something with these people and it won’t be an exorbitant fee that we can’t afford,” Dacar added.

8 News Now spoke with Ben Lehavi a lawyer who represents several chapels that have been targeted by ABG and said he was told on Friday that the company would allow Elvis impersonators in chapels, only if they pay a fee of hundreds of dollars per chapel a year.

“We are feeling elated now it’s been weeks of extreme worry and concern. There are Vegas wedding chapels that seem to live entirely off of Elvis weddings and many people were very very frightened,” Lehavi said.

The logistics of this agreement are still being worked out. ABG tells 8 News Now it was never their intention to shut down the Elvis chapels.

A statement from ABG regarding the matter is listed below.

ABG is proud to be the guardian of the Elvis Presley legacy and is committed to protecting it for generations to come. We are sorry that recent communication with a small number of Las Vegas-based chapels caused confusion and concern. That was never our intention.  We are working with the chapels to ensure that the usage of Elvis’ name, image, and likeness are in keeping with his legacy. Elvis is embedded into the fabric of Las Vegas, and we embrace and celebrate Elvis fandom. From tribute artists and impersonators to chapels and fan clubs, each and every one of these groups help to keep Elvis relevant for new generations of fans.

Authentic Brands Group

The Vegas Wedding Wedding Chamber also offered a statement regarding its concern over the Las Vegas wedding economy.

Elvis Presley long called Las Vegas his home and his name has become synonymous with Las Vegas weddings. The Vegas Wedding Chamber shares a concern that many of our chapels and impersonators livelihoods are being targeted, especially as many are still trying to recover financially from the hurdles we all endured with COVID shutdowns. We’ll continue to focus on the situation and look forward to a resolution that will not negatively impact the Las Vegas wedding economy or the Elvis wedding experience that so many couples travel to Las Vegas to be part of.”

Jason Whaley, President, Vegas Wedding Chamber

Lynn Marie Goya, Clark County Clerk also offered a statement describing the impact the spirit of Elvis has had in the Las Vegas community for decades.

“As other entertainers fade from the public consciousness, Elvis’ spirit continues to live on in Las Vegas. Couples come from all over the world to add a bit of the Elvis charm to their lives. Elvis weddings have been around for decades and a number of businesses have built their livelihoods around sharing Elvis’ joy of living  with couples.  It will be a sad day for Las Vegas – and the world — if he truly leaves the building.”

Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya