Autopsy shows Vincent Jackson suffered from chronic alcoholism, sheriff says


UPDATE: Family members of Jackson have said the sheriff “does not speak for them” and that they are awaiting a further report.

TAMPA, Fla. — An autopsy report shows former NFL wide receiver Vincent Jackson, 38, suffered from chronic alcoholism, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said Wednesday.

Chronister revealed the finding Wednesday morning on a Q105 radio show in Tampa.

“We haven’t gotten the toxicology report back so can’t say with any certainty that that was it but a lot of longstanding health conditions that contributed to his passing because of some alcohol abuse,” Chronister said.

The autopsy report will be released later Wednesday, Chronister said.

The former San Diego Charger and Tampa Bay Buccaneer was found dead Monday in a hotel room in Brandon, Florida.

When Chronister was asked whether there was any idea why Jackson was staying away from his South Tampa home, Chronister said the family believes Jackson suffered from CTE as a result of concussions.

“When you suffer from that, you’re not yourself, you’re not your normal self and they believe wholeheartedly all of these actions are a result of what he suffered while he was playing in the NFL,” Chronister said.

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