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NATIONAL CITY, Calif. – Dozens of protesters packed a National City City Council meeting Tuesday night to demand answers about the death of a man who died while in custody of police.

The majority of the meeting was peaceful as residents addressed councilmembers, demanding answers about the death of Earl McNeil.

“If you think you can cover up for a corrupt and murderous police department, you are gravely mistaken,” said one resident.

“These people aren’t going away, I’m not going away, so there’s no free pass of murder,” another resident said.

At one point, one person raised a fist in protest, as others in the room followed.

When the public comment period ended, demonstrators sprung forward and took control of the council chambers, shouting, “I am Earl McNeil!” and “You have blood on your hands!”

Several protesters were handcuffed and dragged out of the room. The exact number of arrests made was not known.

After the meeting was cleared out, the mayhem continued outside, as protesters shouted, “Say his name! Earl McNeil!” and confronted Sheriff’s deputies armed in riot gear who were called in to help with crowd control.

National City Police Department declined to comment on the meeting or the investigation into McNeil’s death.