Naked man causes disturbance at Qualcomm Stadium

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SAN DIEGO — San Diego police responded to a naked man acting erratically Saturday afternoon on the roof of a pizza restaurant at Qualcomm Stadium in Mission Valley, taking him into custody after more than two hours at the scene, according to authorities.

It was not clear how the man accessed the interior of the stadium or how he got on the roof, but he was acting “berserk” and threatening officers, according to Sgt. Ray Battick.

Officers on board a police helicopter could see the man acting violently, throwing light fixtures, breaking glass and destroying air conditioning equipment on the roof. He could also be heard shouting threats to officers to get away and that he wanted to kill them, according to Battick.

The incident began shortly before 1 p.m. when a security guard at the stadium called police. City crews also responded to provide a scissor lift so officers could safely access the roof, Battick said.

Officers found the man hiding behind an air conditioning unit on the roof, tried unsuccessfully to get him to surrender peacefully, then shot him with a bean bag gun and used pepper balls to subdue him, according to Battick.

Paramedics, who were already on scene, transported the unidentified man to a local hospital with unspecified injuries, Battick said.

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