Mysterious deaths in the Dominican Republic worry travel industry

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SAN DIEGO — In the height of the summer travel season, mysterious deaths on the island of the Dominican Republic have started to shape travel plans away from the beloved vacation destination.

“The scuttlebutt is it’s just a mystery,” said Sherri Burk a travel Coordinator for Ocean Enterprises Travel.

FBI investigators are looking at as many as 11 deaths occurring on the all-inclusive resorts across the Dominican Republic. Travel agents say it’s not uncommon to have a warning for travelers, but in this case there is no solid advice for would-be vacationers.

“We just don’t know what is going on and that makes it scary,” Burk said.

2.2 million Americans traveled to the Dominican Republic last year and now professionals in the travel industry worry that if a cause isn’t identified for the deaths soon, those numbers could plunge.

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