Music teacher hopes thief has change of heart, returns custom-made props

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SPRING VALLEY, Calif.  – A volunteer music teacher is teaching his second graders without his books or music props after they were stolen.

Bob Ross is a retired engineer whose been volunteering at La Presa Elementary School in Spring Valley for 10 years.  The tools Ross uses to make learning fun were stolen Wednesday from the back of his pick truck while on school grounds.

The items included custom-made stuffed animals given as gifts for his songs, books and even part of his music stand. Ross says the items aren’t worth a lot of money, they are just sentimental used for his teaching.

Ross said he’s not looking to get anyone I trouble, he just wants them to have a change of heart and bring his stolen items back to the school.

“For me, I can sing the songs anyway but it was what made the experience special really for the children. The props were for the children and given to me by children and teachers who felt I needed to have them,” Ross said.

Ross said he will be teaching again on Monday. He’s not looking forward to telling the kids what happened, some of those children are special needs, but maybe if luck will have it, he won’t have to.

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