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SAN DIEGO — Police announced Friday multiple people were arrested in connection to illegally operating marijuana dispensaries after police obtained evidence after serving search warrants this week.

San Diego Police say on Wednesday around 9 a.m., the narcotics unit served a search warrant at an illegal marijuana delivery service called Alternate Patient Care. The business operated in the 4500 block of 30th St.

During the search with APC, police say they found a second illegal delivery service named Fast Grass. The second business was operating from the same address as APC, but with different owners.

Around 30 lbs. of high grade marijuana, 4 grams of methamphetamine, concentrated cannabis and edibles, cash, business documents and records were taken into evidence, said Lt. Matt Novak with San Diego Police.

The second warrant was served at the home of APC owners Sarah Goodale, 31 and Lauren Walsh, 27, in the 7900 block of Valdosta Avenue. Both owners and two employees were arrested for operating a business without a license, sales of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance, said Lt. Novak.

Police obtained additional evidence from Fast Grass. This includes 11 lbs. of high grade marijuana, concentrated cannabis and edibles, $1800 cash, business documents and records. Two employees were arrested in connection with the illegal operation of a business without a license and marijuana sales.

On Thursday afternoon around 1 p.m., Lt. Novak says the narcotics unit served a search warrant at Mother Earth, another illegally operating marijuana dispensary located in the 7000 block of Miramar Road.

Police seized 1/2 lb. of high grade marijuana, more than 300 marijuana concentrates and edibles, and $500 from Mother Earth.

Manager Robert Cook, 30, was arrested for possession of marijuana for sale and operating a business without a permit. The owner of Mother Earth was not present, but police say the owner will also be charged.

San Diego Police and the City Attorney’s office say they are continuing to conduct enforcement on illegal marijuana delivery services, as well as all illegal marijuana businesses operating in San Diego.