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SAN DIEGO — How many bars is too many? Depending on who you talk to in Ocean Beach, you’ll get a variety of answers.

“I think we have enough,” said Karen Davis, a local resident. “Oh gosh, yeah, look! It says bar right there,” she pointed out as she spoke to FOX 5 on the sidewalk.

But others in the community have jumped on Facebook to share their support of the local night scene. In a poll that gathered more than 240 votes, the majority were in support of adding a new establishment to the neighborhood, Dirty Birds Bar and Grill. The restaurant is nearly done with construction and hopes to get approved for its license. However, those hopes seem to be fading.

According to Alcohol Beverage Control, the zone in OB is approved for four liquor licenses, but now has 31 on-sale licenses.

Hearing the back-and-forth, and concern, the Ocean Beach Planning Board gave Dirty Bird’s it’s approval, with one exception.

“They would have to cease alcohol sales at 10 p.m., 7 days a week,” said Craig Klein, a member of the board who was not speaking on its behalf.

The compromise came in hopes that an earlier cut-off might prevent a rowdy, late-night crowd from spilling onto the streets, a major area of concern for those living in the area.

“If the crime rate goes up, then that’s to blame,” Davis believes. “Face it: People drink and fight.”

It’s a notion the ABC understands, and to some degree, sided with when it recently denied Dirty Bird’s final alcohol license approval.

“Certainly, the oversaturation levels, and the crime levels played a factor in our decision,” Melissa Ryan with the ABC said. She said the restaurant filed an appeal and will go in front of an administrative judge for a final decision.