Mom searches for owner after 8-year-old attacked by dog

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SANTEE, Calif. – A mother in Santee is angry after she dropped off her 8-year-old daughter a block from school and then 5 minutes later got a call that her daughter had been attacked by a dog on a leash with five other dogs being walked by an older woman.

“To avoid them she stepped off the curb and walked around and one of the dogs launched and bit her leg," said Kayla Loreth, Nevaeh's mother.

The woman, apparently startled by the attack, dropped all the leashes.

“The rest of the dogs swarmed her," Loreth said. "She gathered the leashes and she said, ‘are you OK? I’m sorry. My dog doesn’t like people.’”

It happened right in front of Carton Hills Elementary School on Pike and Carlton Oaks at 7 a.m. The 8-year-old was left on the curb crying.

“The lady just walked off," Loreth said. "She didn’t stop to make sure she was OK and didn’t contact the school and didn’t try to find anyone to help her.”

After posting the incident on Facebook, Loreth received messages from several people who live in the neighborhood who said they had similar experiences with this woman and her dogs. She was described as an “older lady, grey hair.”

But so far no one can identify her. From the pictures, the bite appears superficial and the girl will be fine physically.

“I don’t know if the dog was being pulled away or my daughter was pulling her leg away but it scratched down with the teeth so she does have some bruising and significant scratch marks all over her legs,” Loreth said.

Loreth is hoping someone will come forward to help identify the woman so that she can be held accountable.

“If this dog’s aggressive and doesn’t like people it shouldn’t be around people and definitely shouldn’t be in front of school during drop off hours when there’s children present," she said. "It could have been so much worse.”

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