Mom furious after picture of kids turned into cruel meme

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NEW YORK – A Virginia mother posted a picture to Instagram of her 8-year-old son and two daughters in their “Sunday best” and thought she would get some “likes.”

Then, Ciara Logan noticed a mystery man started liking other pictures she had posted, so she started snooping around his social media profile.

“As I scrolled through his pictures, I saw this picture of my children,” she told WTVR-TV.

safe_image.phpThe presumably innocent picture Logan posted was converted to a meme, an image or video with an ever-changing caption that goes viral, suggesting her son was a pimp to her daughters.

“To insinuate that my son was a pimp or a car salesman because he has a suit on and he’s with two girls,” she told the TV station. “You know he’s [just] an 8 year old boy who is very caring and very protective of his two sisters.”

When Logan confronted the prankster by posting comments to his page, he blocked her.

Instagram employees told her to delete all of the pictures of her children, which she did.

Logan was not the first social media user to fall victim of trolls creating internet memes.

“Scumbag Steve” was created when a prankster took his picture and added text “makes fun of your job and is unemployed,” among other phrases.

“Scumbag Steve” was a picture of Blake Boston and it was a candid shot his mom posted on MySpace.

Another meme featured a 4-year-old down-syndrome girl. The re-purposed image of the girl dubbed it “I can count to potato” girl.

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