Military medals stolen

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123Medals Stolen From Shop Pic2[1] copy 2SAN DIEGO, CA – A man looking to display his military honors is left with nothing but memories after the store he trusted with his career medals was robbed.

“It was 6 deployments over 20 years,” said retired Lt. Dave Norton, adding, “a lot of events and memories that are gone and I can’t replace them.” Memories in the form of military medals and other keepsakes of a highly decorated military career gone in an instant, stolen from inside a frame store, while the owner stepped in the back.

“Its heartbreaking and I feel terrible,” said the frame store owner, Jonathan Gal, adding, “this is brand new client and he trusted me with 20 years of his life, his history his military career serving our country.”

It happened Wednesday near closing at Jag the Art of Framing on Morena Blvd in Rose Canyon. The collection of medals mounted in a shadow box…. even melted down it isn’t worth more than a few hundred dollars.

“If you break it apart and try to sell it piece by piece its not going to be worth that much but its priceless to me its stuff I can’t replace.”

Jonathon Gal owns the gallery; he says his business relies on trust. He’s hoping the thief will have a crisis of conscious and give the collection back.

“I know times are hard right now,” said Gal, adding, “I don’t think he knew what he was taking.”

Duplicate medals can be bought, but the flag and patches have special significance, which are irreplaceable.

“The patches that went along the outside were from different commands that I was at,” said, Norton, adding, “and some of those commands don’t exist anymore.”

They are asking anyone with information to please come forward – no questions asked.

“Hopefully there’s someone out there with a conscious that’s going to see it and say that needs to go back to its rightful owner.”


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