SAN DIEGO — Dozens of people marched and rallied in San Ysidro to the U.S – Mexico Border Saturday afternoon, to show their support for migrants’ rights.

This comes during a week of action across the nation, from December 10th on International Human Rights Day, through December 18th, which is International Migrants Day.

Rallies and marches have been held across the nation, with several in San Diego and Tijuana. 

“When migrants’ rights are under attack, ‘what do we do?’ stand up, fight back,” those in support of changing current immigration policies shouted, near the San Ysidro West Port of Entry.

“We denounce all the measures that continue to build border walls,” said Benjamin Prado during the rally.

“We want justice,” several members of the rally shouted.

Some people traveled more than 2,000 miles. The group, “Witness at the Border,” started their journey in Texas and about 12 to 16 cars caravanned, stopping and meeting advocacy groups along the way, ending in Imperial Beach and marching at the border.

“We believe in upholding human dignity, and making sure that over anything, we prioritize human rights and human life,” said Karen Plascencia, a member of the Human Rights Council of Oceanside. “We also believe people have the right not to migrate, people should be able to stay in their countries of origin, to thrive in their countries of origin.”

“We’re here to show our solidarity for those who are suffering from the border crisis because we as Filipinos also suffer from forced migration from our homeland,” Shanika Lazo, a member of Anakbayan San Diego said.

The group, “Witness at the Border” is holding a silent march at Border Field State Park at noon Sunday, which is also International Migrants Day.