Men claiming to work for water department are scamming homeowners

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SAN DIEGO — Working in pairs, police said one scammer distracts the homeowner while the other sneaks around the house looking for things to steal.

“People that do stuff like that are scum,” Point Loma resident Cora Nowell said. Nowell said the two men came to her front door, but it was only after San Diego police posted their pictures online that she realized she had nearly become a victim of their scam.

“I read it and saw the picture and said, ‘Oh my God, that’s those guys!’”

Police said the two men claim to work for the City of San Diego Water Department and tell homeowners they need to make repairs. Once inside, they split up so that one of them is not followed. From there, they are accused of stealing money and jewelry from the homeowners.

Police said two elderly people have been victims already.

“With senior citizens, there’s more vulnerability,” Nowell said.  “They come from an era where you could trust people more.”

The City of San Diego said they would never send a water employee to anyone’s front doorstep unannounced.

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