IB mayor wants to remove HOA beach trespassing signs

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SAN DIEGO - Imperial Beach residents are not too happy with the recent signs placed along Seacoast Drive.

“Obviously the signs are extremely ugly and obnoxious and send the wrong message,” said Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina.

The "Private Property-No Trespassing-No Climbing-No Sitting on Rocks" signs were bolted into the boulders near the south end of the Boca Rio condos.

The four metal signs warn that violators will be prosecuted, although doesn’t display what the specific charge will be.

The city is seeking a sit down with the Boca Rio Homeowners Association after determining on Friday that the boulders are technically on private property, hoping to come up with a compromise.

“It’s on private property but we do not encourage people on our beachfront to litter those rocks with all kinds of ugly signs that discourage people from using our public beach,” said Dedina.

Local beachgoers are upset about both the look and intent of the signs, which some say are confusing them of which part of the beach they can walk on.

The HOA responsible for the placement did not respond to media request and have apparently not returned calls to the city’s mayor, either.

“What we don’t want is our beautiful beachfront being covered with ugly orange private property trespassing signs because it just sends the wrong message.”

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