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SDPD lines up outside a Grantville apartment complex where a man wielding a shotgun took off in a resident’s car.

SAN DIEGO — A man’s truck was stolen at gunpoint while he walked to his apartment in Grantville early Sunday morning, police said.

Around 3:35 a.m., Hayden Johnson parked his truck outside the San Diego Mission Road apartment building and started walking in with his brother and a friend. The two had noticed a man loitering in the parking lot near a woman in a gold sedan, but said they didn’t think anything of it. Then they heard the man walking up behind them.

“All of a sudden we hear footsteps … he just cocked a shotgun, waving it wildly,” Johnson said after an interview with police. “(He said) he’s going to kill us if we don’t give him the keys.”

Johnson handed them over and the carjacker hopped in his truck and took off, the woman in the sedan not far behind.

Robbery detectives were called to the scene and will continue to investigate, but Johnson says he’s not confident he’ll ever see his Chevy Silverado long bed again. “There’s a lot of freeways right by here,” he said. “They can go anywhere.”

Police say no arrests have been made.