Man takes Pacific Beach cleanup into his own hands

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SAN DIEGO — Walking down the street, Pacific Beach resident Adam Huntington pointed to the left and to the right to show the issues he sees around town.

“This one is bent over, and actually, this one is broken as well,” Huntington said while pointing to wooden bollards, the barriers that separate the road from the beach. He also pointed out weeds growing on the median near Mission Boulevard.

“This didn’t just happen because of the rain last year,” he said. “These weeds have been here for years.”

Huntington lives nearby. As a former City of San Diego employee who has a degree in urban planning and development, he often asks himself, “Where are our services in our city?”

In a recent City Council meeting, he brought up some of the issues he has noticed around town, including badly needed road repairs. Though many support his efforts and concerns on social media, he said his words seem to have little impact on members of the City Council.

“I waited a month and nothing happened,” he said. “So I started doing the weeds on my own. You can only wait so long. I’m tired of my community looking like trash.”

He spent Tuesday walking the median on Mission Boulevard with his weed wacker and broom in hand, clearing the mess himself.

A spokesperson for Mayor Kevin Faulconer said they do not encourage people to tackle matters like these themselves.

Furthermore, the city said it just approved a $1.25 million budget to take care of bush and weed issues around the city — an amount that’s more than three times the budget from last year. City officials said they will be addressing higher priority issues first, such as those that pose fire hazards.

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