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EL CAJON, Calif. — A former Del Mar man convicted of raping two women he met on dating websites was sentenced to 37 years to life in prison Friday.

Sean Patrick Banks, 39, was convicted in June of raping a La Mesa woman in her apartment after they met on in November 2012 and raping another woman he met on in 2009.

After the verdict, Deputy District Attorney David Williams III called Banks a “very dangerous Internet predator” who talked about Jesus and the Bible with the woman he met through before going to her apartment.

The woman Banks met on said he forced her to have sex after they had dinner and drinks at a La Jolla restaurant.

As for the woman he met on, referred to as “KK” in court, she said he raped her in his home.

“Sean put his hand tightly around my neck and told me that he thought it was crazy, with just one twist you could snap someone’s neck and kill them,” Katie Kuhlman said.

Famed attorney Gloria Allred now represents Kuhlman and said she thought Banks showed no remorse in court Friday morning.

When given the opportunity to speak to the judge before sentencing, instead of saying he was sorry, he made an offer to his victims.

“I will consider dropping my appeal if KK can pass a polygraph test,” Banks said.

The judge looked disgusted and said Banks should have shown remorse.

Allred and her client were repulsed by the offer.

“To suggest that somehow [the victims] were lying is the ultimate insult and disrespect,” Allred said.

Defense attorney Brian J. White said the case involved “consent given” and “consent withdrawn,” telling the jury that when the victims told Banks to stop his sexual advances, he did.