Man says sharing name with Navy officer accused of attempted rape hurts his business

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SAN DIEGO — A local businessman who has the same name as a former Navy commander accused of sexual assault says the coincidence is hurting his bottom line.

John Michael Neuhart runs SYNAPSES, a company that provides temporary leadership for other companies.

Jury selection got underway Tuesday for the other John Michael Neuhart, 40, who is accused of sexually assaulting a colleague at her home in San Diego. He is charged with assault with intent to commit rape during a burglary and other counts and faces life in prison if convicted.

“I did think it would die down but it continues. Every once in a while when there’s a date in court and he’s back in the news I get people saying, ‘I saw you on the news today.’ No, you didn’t,” Neuhart said.

To add to the coincidence, the two men have the same alma mater.

“It’s too much of a coincidence with the exact same name, the odd spelling of Neuhart, same middle name, San Diego and Ohio State University. What are the odds?” Neuhart said.

The businessman said he hopes the trial wraps up quickly and the confusion quickly dies down.

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