Man caught on video stealing birthday package in South Bay


CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Andres Perez says he could hardly believe his eyes when he watched security video of a porch pirate swiping a big package from his doorstep in Chula Vista.

Perez’s home security cameras caught the thief red-handed.

“Something like this happens – it kind of scares you,” Perez told FOX 5.

Perez and his family went out for a few hours on Friday, and that’s when the package was delivered at his home near Cedar and L streets.

While they were gone, the cameras recorded a red Camaro drive by the house, then back up and then pull right into the driveway.

“Pulled up in the driveway! I couldn’t believe that. I’m speechless. He just drove up like he lived here,” said Perez.

The stranger calmly walked up, grabbed the package and stuffed it in his car. Then he drove off.

“It’s a little strange seeing somebody driving a nicer car than you, come to your house and just get out and grab your stuff,” Perez said.

The family returned home with no idea there had been a delivery.

“My sister in-law gave me a call saying, ‘My package got to your house – can you make sure it’s there?’”

Perez thought the delivery was late until he checked his security video Sunday night.

What makes the theft even more detestable is that the thief stole a toy tool set – a birthday present for Perez’s twin nephews, who turn two this week.

“We know everyone’s struggling a little bit. Whether it’s a $30 toy or $600 toy, it still hurts. It’s messed up for the boys. It’s their birthday on Friday — one less gift to open,” said Perez.

Perez is hoping someone will see this story, recognize the man in the Camaro and pass on a tip to police.

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