Man surrenders after barricading himself inside North County Home

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. — A man wanted by police surrendered Saturday afternoon after he barricaded himself in an Escondido home, according to authorities.

Around 10:30 a.m., the U.S. Marshall Fugitive Task Force located 39-year-old James Golden in Escondido. After spotting him, a SWAT standoff was triggered, continuing into the afternoon.

Golden was wanted for several felony warrants including assault with a deadly weapon, battery on a police officer and burglary.

Escondido police began following the man, when he drove near the intersection of El Norte Parkway and Broadway, according to Escondido Police LT. Mark Peterson.

Before officers could get into position to stop Golden’s vehicle, he ditched his car, running on foot before entering the back door of a home near the 1300 block of Rincon Road, Police LT. Peterson said.

The residence was occupied by a woman who, according to police, was a known associate of Golden. The woman left the residence before Golden barricaded himself inside.

The man barricaded the windows and doors of the home and refused to come out.

“We heard the helicopter first. And then the cop cars just started coming and then there are officers on the roofs with their guns,” said one resident.

Other residents told FOX5 they are not surprised by the incident.

“When we realized the house that they chose we realized it’s a problem house we’ve had in our neighborhood for at least ten or fifteen years,” said one resident. “If he chose to run there it’s because he’d been there in the past, and I’m sure it was purchasing drugs or something.”

The SWAT Team and the Emergency Negotiations Team were requested at the location. Hostage negotiators spoke with Golden for about 3 hours before they successfully negotiated a peaceful surrender of Golden around 2:15 p.m., according to Escondido Chief of Police Craig Carter.

“We bring out the SWAT assets to make sure the community is safe, to make sure that the police officers are safe who are dealing with them are safe and then we bring out the negotiation team so at the end of the day if nobody gets hurt, no property is damaged that’s our ultimate goal and that’s what happened here today,” said Escondido Police Lt. Chris Lick.

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