Man accused of sexually assaulting females he met online faces judge

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VISTA, Calif. — A father and former girls softball coach pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges that he sexually assaulted a young woman and a teenage girl he met online.

“Today we charged Mr. Fangman with 17 counts total. Fourteen counts pertaining to our juvenile victim … Jane Doe 1. Three additional charges, three additional felonies pertaining to Jane Doe 2,” said Deputy District Attorney Benjamin Barlow.

Deputy District Attorney Benjamin Barlow would not get into details of the case, but says the defendant, 47-year-old Michael Fangman of Carlsbad, would form relationships with the females online and then arrange to meet them. The youngest alleged victim was 16 years old.

“The defendant did meet the victims via social media sites. The 14 counts pertaining to Jane Doe 1 … include contacting a minor with intent to commit a sexual offense; also providing or giving that minor narcotics, specifically heroin and obviously other charges including unlawful sex with a minor and oral copulation with a minor,” said Deputy District Attorney Benjamin Barlow. “The three additional charges for Jane Doe 2 include forcible rape, forcible penetration and also felony sexual battery.”

Fangman was arrested Friday.

The investigation began March 18 when a 16-year-old female contacted the Carlsbad Police Department claiming Fangman had sexually assaulted her.  Investigators then discovered three other women in their early 20s who claimed that Fangman raped them as well.

The father of two teenage girls and former coach of a local girls softball team was charged for just two of those four victims. Investigators say there is a possibility he could face more charges because they believe these women are not his only victims.

“Any potential individuals out there that have information about Mr. Fangman or believe they have information about potential victims of Mr. Fangman, we ask that you reach out to the Carlsbad Police Department.”

Fangman was denied bail and faces 20 to 25 years in prison if he’s convicted. His next court appearance is June 20.

Anyone who is a victim or has information on this case should call Oceanside police at 760-931-2197.

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