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SAN DIEGO — Mama’s Kitchen, the San Diego nonprofit that provides food to cancer and HIV/AIDS patients, is scheduled to deliver its 8 millionth meal Wednesday.

Ron Roberts, chairman of the county Board of Supervisors, and Mama’s Kitchen Executive Director Alberto Cortes will drop off the meal at the home of a client.

“Delivering the 8 millionth meal is a significant milestone for Mama’s Kitchen because it gives us the opportunity to acknowledge how Mama’s has improved the lives of tens of thousands of San Diegans who were otherwise vulnerable to hunger,” Cortes said.

“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our volunteers, Mama’s Kitchen staff and members of our community for their steadfast support in fulfilling our mission of ensuring our neighbors in need are provided with nourishing food,” Cortes said. “Food is love, and Mama’s Kitchen is an expression of that love and our commitment to the San Diego community.”

Last year, Mama’s Kitchen delivered 284,925 meals to 394 San Diegans affected by HIV/AIDS; 70,602 meals to 196 San Diegans affected by cancer; and 46,584 meals to 106 children whose parents were affected by HIV/AIDS or cancer, according to the organization.

Mama’s Kitchen was established in 1990 by a caregiver who realized that neighbors suffering from AIDS were unable to go to a grocery store or cook their own food.